Thursday, December 18, 2008

Misty and Me: "Cary Grant Never Signed An Autograph In His Life"

I've been working on music by my lonesome for years, but I've rarely made anything I ever wanted to share--until lately, that is. 

I humbly present, in musical equation, Burt Reynolds + German Psychedelic rock + proggy keyboard= Misty Beethoven's "Cary Grant Never Signed An Autograph In His Life."

Also, head on over to Fresh Cherries from Yakima for a remix I did of his song "Unofficial Anthem of the Suicide Girls" plus another track of mine entitled "He Knows Us Each By Name."
Fresh Cherries from Yakima is the nom de plume of Seattle's Douglas Martin, who also produces under the name Blurry Drones. "It's Saturday" is an amazing flip he did of a Blitzen Trapper song.